When should you have Christmas card photos taken?


It’s only July, but now is a good time to answer the question I get most often, “when should we have Christmas card photos taken?” There are several reasons why you should plan for your family Christmas card photos, after all, it’ll be winter before we know it!

Planning for Christmas card photos seems to end up towards the bottom of our “to-do list” in the summer, for good reason. We’re busy with other things and the last thing we may be thinking about while sitting with our feet in the sand are Christmas card photos. 

I’m here to offer some helpful suggestions when it comes to planning for your Christmas pictures.


I’m an advocate for having your Christmas pictures taken around the beginning of November. This not only helps to allow enough time to get your photos back and order cards, but it also doesn’t interfere with your Thanksgiving plans. Time tends to speed up even more as our schedules fill up with more and more events and gatherings around the holidays. Let your Christmas photos be one less thing you have to think about as we all enter into the busy season of family gatherings and get togethers. Check this off your list and have your Christmas pictures taken early!


Many people think they should have their photos taken a few weeks before Christmas and have plenty of time to order cards and send them out. The reason why that doesn’t work is simple. It’s just not enough time to get it all together!

When working with a professional photographer for your Christmas pictures, keep in mind it takes time for the photos to be edited and delivered to you before you can work on ordering your Christmas cards.


If you’re looking for a simple, fast, and easy way to have Christmas pictures taken in Greensboro, NC, be on the lookout for holiday mini session announcements. I’m planning on offering Christmas mini sessions in Greensboro, NC around the first week of November. I will offer various time slots for clients to sign up online about a month before the mini session dates. These sessions are usually 15 minutes and include a gallery of digital images for you to use for your Christmas cards.


The Christmas mini sessions I offer to the public will be in either Greensboro or Summerfield, NC. The location will be predetermined so you don’t have to think about a single thing other than what to wear. Christmas mini sessions are designed to be quick and painless for the whole family. Especially, when you have small children involved, you want to move fairly quickly and not overcomplicate things. Trust me, 15 minutes is all we will need to capture the perfect Christmas card photos for you and your family.

Wondering when you should plan to have Christmas card photos taken? Here’s your answer.

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