Spring & summer outfit ideas for family photos

May 21, 2021 WHAT TO WEAR

You’ve scheduled family photos for this spring and summer – yay! Now, you just need to plan for what everyone in the family is going to wear..."umm...where do I start?"

Planning ahead for what everyone in the family is going to wear in your family photos will save you a major headache on the day of your photos. I’ve put together some ideas that will help you get the ball rolling on gathering the perfect outfits for family photos.

1) Make sure everything looks good together

This should not be overlooked. Think about how everyone’s outfits will look next to each other. Do the colors complement one another? Are there any distracting patterns or prints that will be distracting in your family photos? Choosing complementary colors, textures, and styles is helpful when choosing what to wear for your family photos.

Spring & summer outfit ideas for family photos. Brooke Grogan Photography

2) Choose comfortable clothing

You want everyone to feel comfortable in what they’re wearing. The clothes shouldn’t be itchy, too big, too small, or uncomfortable. You can see someone's mood in photos when they aren’t comfortable or they’re pulling on the clothes they’re wearing. Avoid a meltdown and plan for comfortable outfits for the whole family.

3) Pick out clothing that is timeless and classic

When you look back on these photos, think about how the photos will look 10 or 20 years from now. Are the clothes going to look “out of style” or “dated”? You don’t want to look back on these photos and think, “what the heck was I wearing?”.

Spring & summer outfit ideas for family photos. Brooke Grogan Photography.

Getting your whole family on board for family photos is no small task – trust me, I know! Rather than having everyone running all over the house an hour before your family photos trying to find something to wear – that isn’t in the wash waiting to be put in the dryer – will save you stress and frustration on the day of your family photos. Planning ahead will take some time, but I PROMISE it will all be worth it!

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