Congratulations, you’re expecting! You have ALL THE THINGS on your mind! Baby names, gift registry, birth plans, what color to paint the nursery, the list is endless! Before you know it, nine months have gone by and then the baby arrives! Then, you blink and your baby isn’t so much a baby anymore and is all of the sudden a one-year-old! When you look back on your pregnancy and your child’s first year, what will you remember? Let me help you out. 

I’ve worked with numerous families to capture their maternity photos and year one memories. What I like to focus on capturing are those milestone moments during your pregnancy as well as the first year of your child’s life. 

Starting out with maternity photos, these are taken around the 34-week mark of your pregnancy (but it’s totally up to you). Around 34 weeks your baby bump is surely showing and you aren’t totally waddling around (yet) and you are still feeling pretty good. This is an ideal time to get those maternity photos taken before you start walking a little bit slower each and every day before the baby arrives. 

Next, BABY IS HERE! CONGRATULATIONS! Those nine months seem to have FLOWN by so quickly, and now your baby is finally here and in your warm embrace. Within the first two weeks of your baby being home is when we will plan to have their newborn photos taken. These are typically done at home in order to capture the true essence of your new life with a newborn. We will capture precious moments with you and your partner, each of you one-on-one with the baby, as well as some precious individual photos of the baby. It’s always nice to document some of the nursery details, as well as any special mementos you have and want to remember.

You blink again and your little one is six months old! HOW?! They’re starting to wiggle around more, giggle, babble, and do things that will amaze you! This is another milestone we will capture and document as part of the maternity + year one experience.

And, here we are, your little baby isn’t so much a baby anymore and is all of a sudden a full-blown toddler! Your little bundle of joy is now working on taking their first steps, has some new teeth coming in, is figuring out what foods are their favorite (maybe cake), and making all kinds of new sounds! This is when we will take more photos that round out the final milestone of your child’s first year.


Happy birthday, little one! Now dive into that cake!

Maternity + year one package with Brooke Grogan Photography in North Carolina.

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